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Is Your PMO Cursed To Fail?

Can I ask you something? …I’m sorry to intrude, but I’m curious.

Have you ever stopped and considered how deep the PMO graveyard in your organisation is? How many attempts have failed over the last 5, even 10 years?

3? …5? …More?

The multi-million dollar question is: Are you doing anything different? …or is your PMO cursed to fail too?

Stop Building Worthless PMOs

Almost every organisation these days has tried at least once to build a functioning and sustainable Project, Program or Portfolio Management Office… And almost every organisation has failed.

The good news is that I have dug up the skeletons, avoided the zombies, aired out the tombs, outrun the boulders and uncovered the common cause of PMO death.

Want to know what I found?

The PMOS were worthless! They all failed to create any real value for their internal client base. But what if I said that you could reverse the trend and be the one who actually achieves it?

Could you be the hero who pulls the sword from the stone and stops the curse?

Could you be the one that builds a Red-Tape Free PMO??

This guide is the Merlin to your King Arthur. It contains everything you will need to finally break the cycle (while helping you show everyone else, once again, that you can achieve the impossible).

Not your usual dry and boring PMO guidebook. The words fly off the page and Baker’s easy humour makes this an engaging read. Don’t be mistaken though, the content is spot on. If you want your PMO to succeed, or if you need to refresh it, start by reading this book.

Valdi GravitisFounder, NSW Whole of Gov. PMO Community of Practice

Creating High Value PMOs is Your Guide

to Breaking Out of the Administrative Death Cycle.

So, You Want to Create a High Value PMO?

Given how often PMOs fail, it can seem as though most PMOs are cursed from the start. Bucking the trend requires something radically different. …And someone bold to drive it. If you think that could be you, then read on.

You are about to embark on quite a journey.

You will laugh. …You may cry. But most importantly if you do it right, you will genuinely help people. (And, as an added bonus, you will truly prove that you are someone who can make magic happen!).

So, what landed you here?

  • Perhaps you are frustrated with the lack of logic in allocating change investment?
  • Or maybe you are staring at an overwhelming number of reports, systems, frameworks and methodologies?
  • Do your project managers need a capability boost?
  • Or is it that the information you need just isn’t there?
  • Maybe you are about to commence a large program of work?
  • Or is it just chaos – and your projects are running amok.

No matter the reason you are here, I’ve got some great news. This guide will help.

This guide is for you if you have just been tasked with setting up a new PMO, and you want to do it right. Equally, this guide is for you if your office is well established but you just aren’t getting the results you expected.

In short – this guide is for you if you need to create entirely new levels of value through your PMO.

But why should you listen to me?


I’ve made the mistakes, delved into why others failed, and using those learnings I’ve driven consistent success across over $11 Billion in transformational projects and programs across a range of industries. This has included public infrastructure, business/cultural transformations, whole of government initiatives, shared service implementations, restructures, privatisations & sales, process overhauls, technology deployments, social policy and more.

More importantly for you, I’ve built and coached Project, Program and Portfolio Offices of all sizes. From organisation-wide behemoths through to offices that consist of just one person; I’ve helped them create new value.

I’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t), and here in this guide, I decode those years of experience into what you must know to create a truly High Value PMO.

This isn’t some half-baked, 10 page, ‘ultimate guide to X‘ written by a copywriter to drive more clicks. Nor is this a buzzfeed style list of the ‘5 things you really need to know when running a PMO’.

Creating High Value PMOs is a dedicated piece of work, written by an expert that has lived each recommendation. It truly shares with you the key foundations for PMO success. With over 150 pages of content and over 20 new techniques – it’s designed for those who are willing to make real improvements in what they are doing.

You’ll Learn:

How To Break The PMO Curse

Part One walks through the key reason PMOs keep failing – The Administrative Death Cycle. And then it shows you how to break out of it.

Shortcuts To Dial In On Your Value

Part Two walks you through the three crucial steps to PMO clarity. This clarity is absolutely crucial for your and your clients success.

New Ways To Rally Your People – Building Momentum and Community

Part Three covers how to increase momentum for your PMO while short-cutting the time it takes to win buy-in with your clients.

How To Overcome the Cultural Mishaps that Undermine All PMOs

Finally, Part Four explores the key cultural traps that most PMOs fall prey to at one time or another. No ivory towers will be built under our watch. You will be shown how to diagnose each cultural trap and what you can do to prevent or recover from them.

What Others Are Saying About
Creating High Value PMOs

I read the book in preparation for a new role to lead a PMO and from the opening chapter the book captured my attention. Brendon described my experiences with PMOs accurately and I found his approach to addressing these issues easy to grasp and apply. The book is short enough to allow multiple reads allowing you to fully absorb the tools and techniques.

Eugene van Rheede van OudtshoornBusiness Group Leader – GHD NZ Project Management Office

Not your usual dry and boring PMO guidebook. The words fly off the page and Baker’s easy humour makes this an engaging read. Don’t be mistaken though, the content is spot on. If you want your PMO to succeed, or if you need to refresh it, start by reading this book.

Valdi GravitisFounder, NSW Whole of Gov. PMO Community of Practice

I love your depth of knowledge based on your experiences. I would love to teach this!

Ann CampeaHost, The Everyday PM Podcast

Brendon gave us both the vision and kick-start our Project Office needed. With the new ways of thinking, our team now collaborates more, our practices are more effective and our processes are more efficient.

Sarah D.PMO Director, Australian Department of Education Skills And Employment

I really enjoyed Creating High Value PMOs. It was an informative read, a real practical book with some great advice on creating value, even if you’re not specifically creating a PMO. The content is such a good read, not dry and boring like a lot of other books. Brendon is very conversational and quite humorous.

Anthea HackettProject Lead, Australian Business Register Services at Australian Taxation Office

Who Benefits From
High Value PMOs?

Project Executives

  • A Project Office that anticipates your needs
  • While simultaneously improving your project success rates
  • Driving up your return on change investment
  • And optimising your ability to deliver great projects
  • Enabling you to create the changes you’ve longed for.

Project Offices

  • Immense clarity on what you are (and aren’t!)
  • Enables you to focus on what you do best
  • While supporting your key internal clients
  • Driving that cultural shift you’ve been dreaming of…

Project Managers

  • Finally! A Project Office that understands that perfection isn’t the goal
  • Leading to a reduction in red tape
  • Supported by PMO services that actually help
  • Freeing up your time to focus on great delivery

Find out how we shifted a toxic ‘us and them’ PMO culture into a collaborative service-centred powerhouse at one of the country’s largest Government Departments.

The High Value PMO Difference

Too many Project Offices start with a Command and Control focus – i.e. ‘You Must Do…’ 

We’ve found that PMOs with a command and control, assurance-based focus have a short shelf-life. They quickly find themselves an organisational nuisance and are ultimately put down.

This guide ensures you build the right foundations for ongoing longevity and maximum impact: Value and Service. These will be embedded into the very thread of everything your office does.

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