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To Reflect: Social Echo Mines

Chatting with my wife this week, we were reflecting on the dangerous nature of social media. There are concerning anecdotal studies of brand new TikTok accounts being served up Nazi propaganda videos after just a few hours of browsing. My wife and I have both seen similar concerning trends towards logic-lapsed madness in people across own networks.

Social media is often accused of being an ‘echo chamber’. But it’s not.

It’s worse.

It’s an echo mine.

It’s not just a single chamber, rather, for many it is a slow ‘boil the frog’ style descent into deep, echo filled caverns. One after the other.

This week’s reflection is not one of change leadership. It’s one of concern.

Be careful out there. Content algorithms don’t care what you consume, or how deep you fall.

…Just as long as you consume it.

As for me – my wife and I are turning our phones and computers off later tonight and not booting them back up till Monday.

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Brendon Baker

Brendon is a leading expert in strategic framing and inside-out change. He has led and guided over $11 Billion in transformative projects and programs, from transformations to teddy bears. He is the author of the best-seller Valuable Change, and niche top seller Creating High Value PMOs. Brendon now spends his time helping leaders cut through the noise to focus on what matters; working with them to create new realities.

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