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How to Develop Different Perspectives on Life - LifehackReframing.

It’s time for a bold claim: Out of all the tools in a leader’s arsenal, Reframing is by and large the most powerful. It’s the difference between getting buy-in and not. It’s the difference between making a sale and winning a new role or not. It’s the difference between having a team that crumbles under pressure or rises to meet it. It’s the difference between coaching that sticks, and coaching that doesn’t.

Ultimately – Reframing is the difference between your success and failure.

We’re all operating on perspective. Effective reframing is your tool to influencing and altering that perspective. Master it.

To get you thinking, here’s a few reframes I’ve found effective:

  • 10 years with the same employer shows strong loyalty. 10 years in the same type of job shows passion and specialisation. 10 years across multiple types of jobs shows adaptability.
  • You don’t procrastinate until the last minute to get things done. You’re actually highly efficient – you just need the catalyst of an upcoming deadline to access that efficiency. (The art is in utilising your stress-driven efficiency effectively and without burnout!)
  • You didn’t sit there and ‘run meetings for that annoying cross-departmental project working group’ – you ‘led the planning of a key organisation-wide process overhaul that led to over $30M in bottom-line profits’.
  • It’s not a pilot project, it’s a lighthouse one. A pilot has the potential for a crash, a lighthouse shines the way forward no matter the result – acting as a beacon on the upcoming journey.
  • You can’t change someone’s personality. It’s too damn hard. So reframe the mental role they perform. (E.g., shift them from an ‘order-taker’ to a ‘service-deliverer’, from a ‘policy-enforcer’ to ‘customer-advocate’. I’d probably shy away from ‘sandwich artist’ though…)
  • You don’t have insufficient money or time. You have a prioritisation problem.
  • You can’t afford for your middle management to be ‘change-observers’. You need them to be ‘change leaders’.

What element in your work or life needs a reframe?

And A Quick Note: On Humility

Humility is one of those funny things. Too little and you’re no longer grounded in reality, too much and no-one knows to pick or water you.

After all – who knows your achievements better than you?

Brendon Baker

Brendon is a leading expert in strategic framing and inside-out change. He has led and guided over $11 Billion in transformative projects and programs, from transformations to teddy bears. He is the author of the best-seller Valuable Change, and niche top seller Creating High Value PMOs. Brendon now spends his time helping leaders cut through the noise to focus on what matters; working with them to create new realities.

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