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Getting Your Message Out

At some stage in your change you’re going to have to tell people about it.

We all know this.

We also know that just shooting out an email is never really enough (…but we keep defaulting to it because it’s the path of least resistance!). So this week I just want share a few insights that may help you find the motivation to think about the message problem a little differently.

You see, the problem you face – getting the message out – is the same problem that every marketing and advertising lead also faces. However, their budgets to do this are normally bigger, so there’s more incentive for them to look at the research and ROIs around those attempts. Here’s an interesting takeaway:

For years there’s been a growing debate in the marketing world on what’s better: TV or Digital?

TV is well established and has broad, guaranteed reach.

While for years Digital (i.e., internet ads) was risky – low barriers to entry meant that you were advertising alongside any ol’ cowboy business (or scam!), and where your ad was shown was often at the mercy of the algorithm. However, Digital was cheaper, had more specific targeting and so ultimately meant higher ROIs.

In fact, in a recent study – on a cold hard cash basis, Digital outperformed TV by 25% on average.

So does that mean digital is the winner? …Well no.

While Digital outperformed TV when considered in isolation. When combined they created a 45% out-performance.

Or put another way,

When it comes to messaging: a x b > 2a or 2b

However, the pattern doesn’t stop there. Messaging effectiveness grows the more avenues you cover (assuming sufficient investment).

So What?

“So what Brendon?” you may ask me. “I’m not a marketing professional, what’s this got to do with me?”.

Well it’s rather simple. If you want to get the message out about your change/project/program/transformation – then don’t think about channels as either or. Email isn’t inherently bad, nor is MS Teams, or Yammer or whatever else you have.

Don’t avoid email. But don’t rely on it either.

Your best bet is multi-channel. Be as close to omnipresent as you can.

Food For Thought:

How would you think differently about your role if you started calling your change comms – ‘project advertising’?

Brendon Baker

Brendon is a leading expert in strategic framing and inside-out change. He has led and guided over $11 Billion in transformative projects and programs, from transformations to teddy bears. He is the author of the best-seller Valuable Change, and niche top seller Creating High Value PMOs. Brendon now spends his time helping leaders cut through the noise to focus on what matters; working with them to create new realities.

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