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To Action: What’s Exciting You About This Year?

All going to plan, 2022 will mark the beginning of the next phase of human understanding.

I’m so unbelievably excited.

The James Webb Space Telescope, a ground-breaking US$10B Telescope, launched 24th December last year. And just a few hours ago (at the time of writing) it finished its final high risk mechanical manoeuvre.

To give you a sense of how exciting this is – take a look at the chart below. The Hubble launched in 1990 and has provided decades of wonderful data and insight (with late 80s tech!). It’s hard to imagine how the JWT will shape human understanding over the next decade or three.

My excitement for the JWT has flowed into those around me, and into other areas of my life, including my business.

Excitement is contagious, and is crucial for any leader driving momentum.

So, what’s exciting YOU this year?

Are you making a big move? Rediscovering yoga? Learning to paint?

Share that excitement with others.

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Brendon Baker

Brendon is a leading expert in strategic framing and inside-out change. He has led and guided over $11 Billion in transformative projects and programs, from transformations to teddy bears. He is the author of the best-seller Valuable Change, and niche top seller Creating High Value PMOs. Brendon now spends his time helping leaders cut through the noise to focus on what matters; working with them to create new realities.

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