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We create simple in the face of complex so you can be effective.

Early in his career journey, Mecro founder Brendon Baker realised that although he was unabashedly average at most things, he had an unusual talent in arriving at rapid conceptual clarity. He found that the vast majority of complexity was simply noise. Once you identified and put together the right pieces, the best path forward soon became self-evident.

It’s on that talent and principle that Mecro was built. We’re in the game of shifting mindsets. Through our experience, simple (but not simplistic) models and evidence-based insights, we work with you to cut through the corporate noise to create a simple and contagious focus… The kind of focus that you can rally around. The kind of focus that makes a difference.


In Strategic Change Guided


Annual Efficiency Hours Saved


Strategic Maturity Pts Raised


Strategic Change Leaders Forged


Fluffy Strategies Produced

We help our clients do 3 things

Improve How You Improve

Grow Strategic Maturity

Raise Service Impact

How We Help
  • Organisational improvement maturity through simple shifts (across project, program, portfolio, change, value realisation, PMOs)
  • Transformation readiness
  • Dynamic portfolio prioritisation, sequencing and balancing
  • Value-centred project & change leadership
  • Simple, interdisciplinary delivery frameworks & mechanisms
  • Lauded, not lambasted PMOs
  • Resistance-free efficiency programs
How We Help
  • Clear and usable top and mid-level strategy
  • Strategic capability uplift across individuals and groups
  • Results-focused organisational design
  • Team momentum and culture shift strategies
  • Overwhelm reduction
How We Help
  • Operating principles & structure
  • Client identification, segmentation & profiling (across both internal and external clients)
  • Direct client insights & themes
  • Service & success definition
  • Service operating & delivery models
  • Service maturity pathway
  • Target brand and marketing strategy

What our clients say

Brendon took the time to truly understand our environment, our business and what we needed. He created a common understanding and brand new learnings within my executive team, all while keeping his eyes on the prize in terms of the desired outcomes.

Stephen HolmesCEO, Goodwin Aged Care

Together we created something steps away from the traditional. This was only possible through Brendon's strategic insights and root-cause thinking.

Pia HansenGeneral Manager, Project Services DT Infrastructure

Brendon’s insights helped me transform my initial ideas on our improvement program into an actionable plan that was both simple and effective - delivering over 600hr of efficiency savings in the first 3 months, with a further 4,000hrs over the next 12.
Thanks to his Internal Influencer work & guidance, I feel I have unearthed the best people from across the entire power station.

Jason StrangeBusiness Transformation Manager, AGL

I expected my work with Brendon to be good, but it was better than I ever expected.
It was more than just concepts, it was dynamically and personally tailored for my team while still remaining highly approachable and digestible.

Mark WrightDirector Trade Programs, Aus. Dept. of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Advisory with Brendon immediately gave me practical tools to unpack and overcome the complexity that comes with leading change. Advisory has directly supported me in successfully delivering 2 projects within 3 months across a global company.
No matter the obstacle Brendon really listens, asks the right questions to get to the heart of the challenges and offers up no-fluff solutions to help me craft simple AND effective strategies I can use straight away.

Shelly EggletonExecutive Strategy & Planning Manager, Naked Wines

Attending Brendon's Valuable Change workshop created a whole new paradigm of ensuring change in our organisation will ‘stick’.
The way Brendon frames the issue is simple, unique, refreshing and solution oriented. I’m already using what I learnt, having more clarity on the steps to take and conversations to have.

Tim RoddanPrincipal - Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Seqwater

"Brendon, I don't know how we would have done this without you."

Leanne CurtisProject Services Financial Manager, Downer Group EDI

When I began this project, it was facing some serious headwinds. However, after working directly with Brendon, in only a short amount of time, we had a clear direction, developed a practical delivery strategy and knew how to prioritise our tasks. It gave me the confidence to successfully carry out our project. This was a real achievement given the turbulent environment we have had to work in.

Karin V.Project Executive, Aus. Department of Finance

I really like how you simplify, and just focus on what really matters.

Anthea HackettProject Director, Australian Taxation Office

We received both the vision and kick-start our Project Office needed. With the new ways of thinking, our team now collaborates more, our practices are more effective and our processes are more efficient.

Sarah D.PMO Director, Aus. Department Of Education Skills & Employment

With Brendon’s one on one coaching, in just a few months our $9M program went from a 300 line task-list with untold delays to a well oiled machine. Our executive board love the new clarity.

Tanya M.Program Manager, Customer Service Transformation, Essential Energy

I loved your energy and the simplicity of your language.

Brian GormanManaging Editor, Change Management Review

Love the energy… I love your depth of knowledge based on your experiences. Your storytelling [is] inspiring.

Ann CampeaHost, The Everyday PM Podcast

Brendon has the rare ability to simplify complex topics and identify the principles and practices that unlock value.

Phil BuckleyPresident, Change with Confidence

Brendon is obsessed with driving simple, streamlined ways to deliver better change. There’s no superfluous steps. There’s only what works, designed and delivered in a way that everyone across my organisation finally understands what we are doing.

Michael B.Executive Director, Large Government Client

I loved your down to earth, lighthearted attitude.Never stiff or too intellectual. I love how you include science, theory and practical advice all in one.

Philip GreisenVice Pres. PROSAFE Solutions, and Host of the Leader Think Podcast

Brendon’s energy and passion is intoxicating. The Momentum Path is both simple to understand, yet complex in its meaning.

Tim ReitsmaGeneral Manager, People Managing People

Loved Every Bit Of It!

Brad T.Senior Manager, Defence Housing Australia

Thank you for inspiring me.

Hope M.Value Management Office, Australian Taxation Office

All your ideas are fantastic!

Leanne HughesCharismatic Change Expert & Leading Podcast Host

We couldn’t have done this without you. What we did together in 2 weeks would have taken us 6 months.

Tom M.Enterprise Portfolio Management Office, WA Department of Finance

And a little about how we think


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Work with us

Our best clients are:

  • Reality Based

  • Value Centred

  • Hungry For Better

  • Risk-Willing

  • Life-Long Learners

  • Cross-Disciplinary Thinkers

….So If You Are Too, Then Reach Out. We’ll Make Magic Together.